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Ways to Tell You Need Commercial or Industrial Wiring Upgrades


It’s hard to imagine there’s any commercial or industrial business that operates without electricity. The electrical demands for most facilities are enormous, and interruptions with the electrical system will usually bring operations to an abrupt halt and result in costly downtime.

You can’t avoid all electrical problems in your business, but if you have damaged or old wiring, you’ll suffer a larger amount of problems and even safety issues. Scherer Electric offers commercial and industrial electric service in Buffalo, NY to upgrade and rewire facilities to meet contemporary demands. 

Below are some of the signs you may notice that will warn you it’s time to call us for upgrades to your commercial/industrial electrical system.

Frequently overloaded circuit breakers

This is one of the most alarming and immediate of warnings that your electrical system is damaged or too old. Breakers trip to protect the electrical system in case of excessive electrical flow on one of the circuits. This can occur because of faulty machinery, but if it starts to occur often, it likely means the wiring cannot handle the electrical demands placed on it. You’ll not only need wiring upgrades, but you’ll also need a new electrical panel (or panels).

Tripped breakers that won’t reset

Related to the tripping circuit breakers are breakers that don’t restore the electrical flow when they’re reset. This might be the fault of the individual breaker. But it could also indicate more serious problems with the wiring, possibly damaged wiring that can create safety hazards if not updated.

Flickering lights

An occasional flick of lights in a commercial or industrial space is normal; this is standard power fluctuation. When this flickering starts to become common, it’s a bigger concern—especially if the flickering is accompanied by a buzzing or humming sound. This might be a warning that the wiring isn’t able to handle the power needs for the building. 

Outdated wiring

Electrical demands in all areas (commercial, industrial, residential) have increased dramatically over the past two decades. If your facility’s wiring is more than 20 years old, it may not have the capacity to handle the changes in electrical usage. You may not need a full rewiring, but we strongly recommend you schedule an electrical inspection to see if the wiring can keep up with your demands or if it needs to have upgrades. 

Abnormally high electrical costs

Do your electrical bills seem out of proportion to your facility? Or have electrical costs taken a steep rise that you can’t account for? This can point toward several different problems, one of which is outdated wiring. Older wiring places greater resistance against more powerful electrical flows, causing inefficiencies that push costs much higher. Arrange for an electrical inspection with our team to discover the source of those high bills.

You can’t effectively expand your business

If your business is growing but you’re running into apparently simple obstacles like a lack of wall outlets, it’s probably a good time to rethink and expand the facility’s wiring. An electrical system has to grow with a business—otherwise, the electrical system will put an artificial cap on the business.

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