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Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Buffalo, NY

Do you have a safety plan in place for an emergency? Technology like AFCI outlets and breakers have really lowered the risk of complete disaster in a home, but nothing is infallible. It’s important to have systems like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in place to alert you to the presence of smoke and fire.

If you need updated versions of these systems, then make sure you contact our team. We specialize in carbon monoxide detector installation and smoke detector installation. In fact, we work with the best brands on the market, like Kidde, and pair our top picks with our superior service. When you choose our team, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the best service available in Buffalo.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are essential fixtures in every home. You can contact our team at Scherer Electric for quality service. We provide comprehensive indoor electrical services

Why You Should Hardwire Your Smoke Detector

It’s more than likely that you understand the importance of having a smoke detector in your home—we don’t meet many homeowners who try to challenge this. One question we do get is, "Why should I hardwire my smoke detector?" Well, in short, hardwired smoke detectors are much more reliable. If you go with a battery-powered smoke detector, you always run the risk of this system dying and leaving your home unprotected. A hardwired smoke detector will always last.

In addition to this, we interconnect our hardwired smoke detectors so that when smoke triggers one detector, the rest of your smoke alarms go off too. Fires spread rapidly so an interconnection saves precious minutes and could potentially save lives. If you need smoke detector installation or smoke detector replacement, make sure you come to us.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

You need a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous chemical to have leak in your home. If the combustion process on your furnace is ever incomplete, it will leak carbon monoxide gas. This toxic gas is so dangerous because it’s colorless and odorless. If it starts to leak in your home, you won’t know until it’s too late.

If you want carbon monoxide detector installation or carbon monoxide detector replacement services that you know will keep you safe, turn to our team at Scherer Electric. Our technicians know what it takes to keep your home safe from harmful chemicals.

Why Professional Services Are Important for Both Systems

It’s incredibly important to have your smoke detector installation and carbon monoxide detector installation services performed by experienced professionals. This isn’t the time to try to cut corners with the work of a cut-rate technician or a DIY attempt. You’re installing these systems so that they can keep your home safe in case of an emergency—you want to be 100% certain that they can do so. A professional technician from our team will make sure both of your detection systems work properly no matter what. If you’re looking for a great team of technicians to keep your home safe, look no further than Scherer Electric.