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GFCI and AFCI Outlets in Buffalo, NY

We’ve come a long way with electricity as a society. The latest and greatest in electrical systems are GFCI and AFCI outlets. Both of these devices work on basic principles, but they perform functions that are truly vital to your home. In fact, U.S. code requires these outlets for protection in most rooms of a home.

The bottom line: If you want to protect your home from electrical shock or electrical fires then you need a GFCI or AFCI outlet. We don’t expect you to know the difference between the two systems or which one you need off the top of your head—that’s why we’re here. When you want quality service based on honesty and transparency, make sure you come to our team. Scherer Electric is Western New York’s favorite electrician for a reason.

If you need a team you can trust to install, replace, or repair your GFCI or AFCI outlet, then contact us! We offer comprehensive electrical services!

The Difference Between GFCI and AFCI

You might pause and ask yourself, "What’s the difference?" The basic breakdown is this: GFCI outlets protect from electrical shock while AFCI outlets protect from electrical fire. The two devices regulate differently, but they’re often used simultaneously throughout a home to provide the highest level of protection.

  • GFCI Outlets: GFCI stands for "Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter." These outlets monitor the current flowing through them at all times. Let’s say that the current starts to flow in a way that it shouldn’t (i.e. through a person in the case of a shock or through water due to a spill), then the GFCI outlet activates and cuts off the current. This is a rapid process that happens quickly to prevent disaster. Rooms that use a lot of water like a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room can greatly benefit from the installation of a GFCI outlet.
  • AFCI Outlets: AFCI stands for "Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter." U.S. code requires AFCI outlets for home safety. They’re similar to GFCI outlets, but they’re designed to protect against house fires. They monitor the electrical flow within the system itself. If the outlet detects anything malfunctioning in the circuit that could potentially cause a fire it breaks the circuit to prevent a disaster.

Come to Our Team for All Your GFCI and AFCI Needs

Take a quick look around your home and note the state of your outlets. If your home is littered with outdated, two-prong outlets, then it’s time for you to take the plunge and have GFCI and AFCI outlets installed. Your home relies on electrical power now more than ever. If you have pets, young children, or just want to safeguard yourself from electrocution or electrical fires, then make sure you choose these outlets.

Unfortunately, you can’t just run out to your local hardware store, pick up these outlets, and install them yourself. You need this installation to be safe and up to code. If you’re looking for sound electrical services in Buffalo, NY, you can always contact our team here at Scherer Electric. All our technicians are conscientious and guaranteed to satisfy your needs.