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Home Surge Protector in Buffalo, NY

Take a moment to think about all the various things in your home that rely on electricity, either directly or indirectly. Your television, your audio equipment, your computer, printer, and all your portable electronics—each one needs electricity to run. Because you rely so heavily on electronic equipment, you need the right systems in place to protect your home from power surges.

Power surges are the worst enemy of modern homes. They’re a fast way to damage property and ruin appliances. If you’re worried about the quality of these appliances in your home, then whole-house surge protection is the answer. You can find great surge protection services here at Scherer Electric. We’re Western New York’s favorite electrician.

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Why Should I Consider Whole-House Surge Protection?

When you think "surge protection," you’re probably thinking about power strips. While this is a method of surge protection that many people employ in their homes, it’s far from the end-all-be-all. Power strips can’t hold a candle to whole-house surge protection.

Whole-house surge protectors are great because they act faster at stopping the damage from surges. They act much faster because a surge protector is installed into the service panel (the main source of power in a home) where it’s able to re-route any excess voltage into the ground underneath the house. Whole house surge protectors can effectively defend any electrical system and the components connected to it from things like lightning strikes, downed power lines, or power company accidents. Choose one of these systems if you want total peace of mind.

They Protect Against Smaller Surges Too!

When was the last time lightning struck your home? If you’re like the overwhelming majority of people, your answer is probably "never." While whole-house surge protectors are great for defending your home against disaster, they can also prevent commonplace nuisances.

There are smaller fluctuations that occur in your home on a daily basis. When a large appliance like your refrigerator or air conditioner has an increased demand for power, it can cause a surge and a subsequent voltage imbalance. You may not notice these small spikes, but they can do major damage to your electrical appliances. A whole-house surge protector prevents this from happening so your appliances last longer.

Choose the Team That Provides Quality Service

Chances are that you’re already on the hunt for a good electrician in the Buffalo area if you’re looking for surge protection services. If you’ve already searched the internet for great teams, then you’re probably familiar with some common awards that companies boast about: BBB accreditation and major electrical brand affiliations.

These are great achievements, but our company boasts achievements like this and more. We’re a company that’s been in business since 1995. In our more than 20 years in business, we’ve received awards like the BBB Torch Award for Market Place Excellence, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award, and most recently the Eaton Contractor 10 Year Award in 2019. Our awards reflect the commitment and dedication of our team. If you want great service, make sure you contact Scherer Electric.