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My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out—What’s Wrong?

Monday, August 31st, 2020

How long to you expect the light bulbs in your house to continue burning before you need to replace them? It depends on the light bulb type. The standard incandescent bulb can burn for around 900 hours and usually will need a replacement after a year, or even less. LED bulbs can go for far longer, lasting for several years before a replacement.

But when light bulbs seem to burn out at a rapid pace, regardless of type, it’s a concern. Not only because you don’t want to be putting in new light bulbs every month—which is costly and annoying—but because it may indicate troubles with your electrical system.

Our Clarence, NY electricians can help repair whatever is going wrong. Below are some of the possibilities for his light bulb dilemma, but please don’t attempt to guess at the problem and fix it yourself. This can be dangerous! Call us instead and we’ll be happy to resolve the issue safely and effectively.

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The Buzzing in the Wall—Sinister Forces, Or Electrical Problem?

Monday, August 17th, 2020

We can’t completely discount that the buzzing sound you hear coming from your wall is from supernatural or other-dimensional force. But in our long history as a Buffalo, NY electrician, we can say that most of the times we’ve received calls about buzzing coming from walls, it was an electrical problem—except the occasional wasps’ nest. We’re glad those customers called, because this buzzing sound can indicate serious electrical issues that need certified electricians to investigate and solve. (Sorry, we aren’t equipped for the wasps.)

Now you may not find the buzzing sound “scary,” but it’s irritating. Let’s look into what might be happening to cause it.

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How Long Will My Home’s Electrical Wiring Last?

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

A home has two hard-working “circulatory systems,” plumbing and electrical. Because both are mostly hidden from view even as they do essential work, it’s easy for a homeowner to dismiss them as something that will last as long as the house does.

But that’s not the case. When it comes to electrical wiring in Orchard Park, NY, you do need to have concerns about the age of the wiring. Not just for as long as you’ve been in the house, but for as long as the wiring has been in the house, period. If you live in a vintage home and the wiring has never had an update, it’s important to know about how long the wiring can expect to endure.

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