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Why You Should ONLY Hire Professional Electricians

Monday, February 27th, 2023

The title of this post is a bit redundant: it should be “Why You Should ONLY Hire Electricians.” The reason is that any one who’s an amateur electrician is not an electrician!

You can’t have an amateur lawyer or an amateur doctor—when you say “lawyer” or “doctor,” you mean someone who has a law degree or a medical degree and a license to practice. The same criteria applies to electricians. 

Unfortunately, homeowners often make the mistake of thinking an amateur who claims to be an electrician is someone they can trust with important work.

Hiring an amateur “electrician” to fix wiring for your house makes as much sense as hiring a “medical enthusiast” (or whatever title a bogus doctor uses) to handle your surgery. 

We hope this explanation has convinced you to only hire a (professional) electrician in Cheektowaga, NY. If you want to learn more about why to avoid amateurs (and that includes you) for electrical work, follow us below.

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Old Fuel and Your Generator: A Bad Combination

Monday, February 13th, 2023

We strongly recommend whole-house generators to our customers. There are few things more reassuring than knowing that your home will have the electrical power it needs in case of an extended outage.

Power losses are most common during periods of extreme weather, and a home that cannot run its HVAC system for several days at a time under such conditions is likely to be unlivable.

Generators also make homes safer in general, stop refrigerated and frozen food from spoiling, and ensure that powered medical equipment continues to operate.

The best way to power a generator is with natural gas, since this fuel source is piped directly to the generator and there’s no need to keep a separate fuel supply of liquid propane, gasoline, or diesel on hand.

But not all homes have access to a natural gas line. For those homes that rely on a different fuel source, we have some important advice about old, stale fuel.

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