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Handyman vs. Electrician: Does It Really Matter? (Yes It Does!)


We’ll admit that there is something people find attractive about the term handyman (or handyperson). It creates this image of a “jack of all trades” who can whip up solutions when there are problems. You can call on the handyman when things go wrong.

But this is not the case. When it comes to electrical jobs in a house, there’s a massive gulf between bringing in a “handyperson” and calling a licensed electrician (a.k.a. an electrical contractor). It matters who you call, because the consequences when something goes wrong, as well as the likelihood of something going wrong, is far higher with the handyman.

If you read nothing else in this post, just remember this: for any electrical service in your home, only call a licensed electrician. 

Licensing and Insurance

If you want to know what the big difference is between a handyman and an actual electrical contractor, the part that allows someone to call themselves an electrical contractor, is licensing. The title “handyman” doesn’t require anything other than, well, calling yourself that. A real electrician must be licensed through the state, and a big part of that is being able to show sufficient insurance to protect customers. 

For example, if someone who is unlicensed does electrical work in your house and causes damage to the property—a high probability if they’re not properly trained or equipped—you will be liable for the damages. If the unlicensed worker injures themselves, you may also be liable. With a licensed electrician, you are protected in case of damage, errors, and injuries.


We can understand why someone might hire a handyman to do some upgrades on their kitchen cabinets or their porch. If the job is done poorly (and it probably will be), the worst that happens is the homeowner has to pay to have it fixed. 

With electrical repairs, mistakes aren’t just expensive. They can be extraordinarily dangerous. Even what appears to be a “simple” repair like replacing dead outlets or fixing wiring to a ceiling fan can create major hazards from electric shorts and arcing. Almost any work done on the electrical system can lead to electrical fires if done incorrectly. A handyman can put your property and even your family at risk. A professional electrician adheres to strict codes and has the training, experience, and tools to ensure that any job is done safely. 

And All the Rest

We could run down a long list of the other ways a licensed electrician is better than an amateur handyperson: better tools, higher quality work, accountability, faster service time, etc. But we think we’ve made our point. A licensed electrician means safety, protection, and quality—there is no other choice for your electrical service. 

The electricians in Depew, NY you can trust for any service are here at Scherer Electric. We are licensed and insured, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. We’re the best people to call when it comes to panel replacements, since we have a service panel unlimited lifetime warranty.

Scherer Electric is Western New York’s favorite electrician! Call us when you need a job done right.

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