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The Benefits of Professional Ceiling Fan Installation


Among the many services we offer as a top electrician in Lancaster, NY is the installation of fans for homes, including attic exhaust fans, bathroom exhaust fans, and ceiling fans. For homes that have the space to install ceiling fans, we highly recommend them: they’re beneficial for comfort and energy savings, and they look attractive as well! 

It’s important that you have professional electricians handle installing ceiling fans for your house. This is not a DIY project or one you want to let an amateur handle. We’ll get into that more below, but first we’ll explain why ceiling fans are beneficial.

Better Hot Weather Comfort, Less AC Use

Most people think of fans as ways to cool off. Everybody knows a breeze feels good against their skin on a hot day. But people may not be aware how much a well-installed ceiling fan can do for comfort in a home and lower their bills to power the AC.

A ceiling fan does not lower the temperature in a room. What it does is allow the people in the room to feel cooler thanks to the wind-chill effect. The rotation of the fan blades draws the stagnant air up from the room and creates air circulation. The movement of the air over the human body removes the heat envelope surrounding it, and this allows for the body to release more heat. The less heat that’s trapped in the body, the cooler a person feels. And a ceiling fan can make quite a difference: people in a room will feel 8° to 10°F cooler. That’s often the difference between whether the AC needs to come on or not. On mildly warm days, the fan can often be enough for comfort. 

Important tip: don’t run a fan when nobody is in the room. The fans only work on people, not the actual temperature of the space.

Faster, More Even Heating in Winter

Yes, ceiling fans can help in cold weather by reversing the direction their blades turn. A switch on the base of the fan will change the fan over to the second mode. What happens when the blades rotate the other direction is the fan pushes the heated air from the top of the room downward. This improves heat distribution, allowing the heating system to more rapidly warm up a space and create an even heating spread. It also means the heater won’t need to run as long, because the fans will see that it can get the job done in a shorter time.

The Professional Difference

A ceiling fan must be carefully wired and installed into the electrical system of the home and secured. A poor installation job can create a major fire hazard with the material in the ceiling. An even more common problem from a poor fan installation is that the fan will wobble too much and start to tear loose from the ceiling—that’s not something you want to happen! When you work with us, we’ll see you have the best possible fan installation with no safety concerns.

Scherer Electric is Western New York’s Favorite Electrician. Call us to arrange for all types of home fan installations. 

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