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Get the Most Use From Ceiling Fans in the Heat


We know that using a fan can’t work as effectively at cooling as a modern air conditioning system, but they still can help—especially if the fan is a well-installed ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans not only blow air around, but they also create better circulation of air throughout a large space. This isn’t something you’ll get from a floor fan or desk fan. Ceiling fans also have the benefit of not taking up any floor or desk space and having an attractive look that becomes part of a room’s decor. 

The Energy-Saving Power of Ceiling Fans

It’s a hot summer, no doubt, and cooling down your home may seem extra expensive. We did a post earlier this summer about how you can save electricity over the season where we mentioned how helpful fans are in cutting down what you pay to enjoy comfort. 

To add more detail to that earlier post: a ceiling fan consumes about 750 watts of electricity per hour, where the AC in cooling mode consumes from 2,900 to 4,500 watts per hour. That’s a major difference. Now consider that using a ceiling fan can help you feel 8° cooler and you’ll understand how much fans can do for you. On moderately hot days, you may be able to reduce your AC use by half—and the fans will help at least somewhat every day.

Making the Most of Your Ceiling Fans

To get the most benefit from your ceiling fans, you need to know how best to use them. Yes, it’s more than just switching the fan “on” and “off.” Here are the important tips:

  • Make sure the ceiling fan blades are turning in the correct direction for cooling. On the base of each fan, you’ll see a toggle switch that controls the fan’s rotation. During hot weather, you want the blades on the fan to rotate counterclockwise. This creates the air circulation that’s best for hot temperatures. The blades spinning clockwise is better for winter, since it pushes the warmer air at the top of the room downward—and you don’t want that in summer.
  • Only operate a fan when people are in the room. A fan doesn’t cool down the air: it creates air currents to help people feel cooler. There’s no comfort benefit from leaving a fan running in an empty room, only energy waste. Keep the fans off in empty rooms the same way you keep the lights off.
  • Know how much you can raise the thermostat when the fans are on. Although fans can help people feel 8° cooler, the Department of Energy recommends you raise the thermostat temperature by 4°F while the fans are running
  • Make sure you have professionally installed fans at the right height for the room. The blades should be 7 to 9 feet from the floor. 

Don’t Have Ceiling Fans? Let Us Help!

If you want to help save energy while staying cooler, our team is glad to provide you with a great ceiling fan installation in Buffalo, NY

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