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Don’t Try to Install Your Own Spa Electrical System!


Having a spa or hot tub for your house is a wonderful luxury: you can enjoy the refreshing quality of a pool without all the space that a pool requires, and few sensations are more relaxing than soaking in the water of a hot tub at the end of the day.

Hot tubs are also great for socializing and they can significantly increase the value of a home.

Can you install a spa on your own? Well, we don’t recommend trying it. It’s a lot more complicated than buying a hot tub and plugging it in.

You have to consider the deck, the support, the plumbing connection, the massive weight, the chemicals … there’s far too much to it.

Furthermore, hot tubs and spas have local code and safety requirements they have to meet, and it takes professionals to ensure that your new hot tub meets these codes.

And, above all, you can’t install your own electrical system for your spa!

Hot Tub Electrical Requirements

Mixing electricity and water is dangerous. With a hot tub or spa, you have the two existing close to each other, and this is one of the main reasons you don’t want to incorrectly wire the electrical system for a hot tub. The electrocution danger is high if anyone other than a trained professional does it.

You need a licensed electrician to take care of the wiring. Our electricians are not only licensed, they also have special training in working with both hot tub and spa installation and spa repair in Buffalo, NY. They understand the special requirements for hot tubs and also know the local codes that they have to meet.

Here are some of the important factors we have to consider when we’re installing a hot tub electrical system:

  • Does the home electrical system have GFCI outlets? These modern outlets are necessary to safely connect a spa or hot tub. Without GFCI capabilities, the electrocution danger is far higher. If a home lacks GFCI outlets, our electricians can make the necessary upgrades. 
  • We also must make sure that all other electrical appliances within 5 feet of the hot tub (such as lights) are plugged into GFCI outlets.
  • We must install an equipotential bonding grid, which is a metallic grid that equalizes voltage and current so that stray current won’t affect someone who is standing on the deck of the hot tub or in the water.
  • For maintenance and repair purposes, we need to install a maintenance disconnect for all the underground wires. This disconnect has to be visible from the hot tub but not more than 50 feet from the water’s edge or closer than 5 feet.
  • Any outdoor receptacles need to have weather-proofing.

There are other requirements as well as found in the local electrical code. You can expect our electricians to have all the necessary knowledge to ensure that your new hot tub or spa meets code requirements. To find out more about how we can assist you with spa installation or to schedule spa electrical repair, please call us.

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