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Switching to LED Lights: 2023 Is the Year to Do It!


We don’t like making New Years’ resolutions for others, but sometimes people feel at a loss for what they want to achieve in the new year. So we’d like to make a suggestion, one that’s not too difficult to achieve when you have the right people working with you. 

Change your home’s indoor lighting over entirely to LED lights.

Part of this job you can do on your own. For basic lamps or anyplace you have easily accessible light bulb fixtures, you only need to purchase LED bulbs of the same wattage and replace the old incandescent bulbs with them.

LED lights cost more to purchase, but they aren’t super expensive, and the long-term benefits and savings are well worth it. 

But you have more complex lighting in your house, and this is where you’ll need electrical professionals to handle the retrofit that makes your home into a true LED home. Scherer Electric is the company to trust when it comes to indoor lighting in Orchard Park, NY.

Are LED Lights Really That Beneficial?

Yes! They’re so beneficial that we expect them to eventually surpass incandescent bulbs and make them obsolete—and sooner than you might think. Here are several of the reasons LED lights are beneficial and the way of the future:

  • They have long lifespans: The standard incandescent bulb can last for three years and may fail earlier than that. An LED bulb can last for up to 12 years. You’ll replace your incandescent bulb four times during the lifespan of a single LED bulb.
  • They save energy: LED lights do not lose as much energy to heat the way that incandescent bulbs do. If you replace your incandescent bulbs with LED ones, you could see a 60% to 70% improvement in energy efficiency. That will add up to some tremendous savings on your electricity bill.
  • They don’t emit much heat: Turning on incandescent light bulbs will raise the heat inside a room. You only have to put your hand near one of these bulbs when lit to feel this. LED lights lose very little of their energy to heat because of their high efficiency, and this means they won’t add much heat to your house. 
  • No UV emissions: Most of the light from LED bulbs is in the visible spectrum, rather than UV light. This has several benefits: they can help combat seasonal affective disorders and they won’t damage sensitive artwork.
  • Better for the environment: Because LED lights use less energy, they put a lower demand on power plants. Their longevity means they won’t quickly fill up landfills. And the manufacturing of LED bulbs is environmentally friendly since it doesn’t use mercury. 
  • Versatile: You can do a lot with LED lights, as much as you can with incandescent bulbs. They have dimming capabilities and work better as directional lights (such as recessed lights) than standard bulbs.

Want to know more about making the switch to LED this year? Call us and get started on this New Years’ Resolution!

Scherer Electric Is Western New York’s Favorite Electrician! Arrange for improvements for your indoor lighting with us today.

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