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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Generator Maintenance!


A backup generator has a way of minding its own business on your property. It’s there for when an emergency strikes, but otherwise isn’t operating. This makes it easy to forget about the importance of maintaining the generator. Maintenance is critical for a backup generator because you need to trust that the generator can do its job when the time comes. A generator you can’t trust isn’t much good!

You might think that it’s too late in the year for you to schedule generator maintenance. Here’s the important thing to know: generator maintenance doesn’t have an expiration date, and you can have it done at any time of the year. Fall is a great time to do it, so it’s definitely not too late to call our team for the job.

Can I handle generator maintenance on my own?

You can do several steps yourself, such as testing the generator to see that it turns on and replacing its air filter. We also recommend running your generator every few months, the same you would for any type of internal combustion engine. 

But most of the important steps for maintenance require a professional. You can find “generator maintenance kits” at online retailers, but these only do the most superficial cleaning job and do not tackle the actual inspections, deep cleanings, and adjustments necessary to actually prepare a generator for the next year. It isn’t much different than taking your car to professional mechanics for a tune-up.

How often do I need maintenance? 

We have two recommendations on this. First, we recommend you have maintenance done once a year. Fall is the best time to get the job done because this is before the period when you’re most likely to have to rely on the generator because of power outages. Winter can put immense strain on the power grid, and storms also make blackouts more likely. Our other recommendation is to schedule maintenance after 200 hours of use. That’s enough time to put plenty of strain on the generator that will require a professional eye.

What do professionals do to maintain a generator?

Quite a lot! Some of the steps they take will depend on the type of generator. If your generator runs on heating oil (such as propane), the maintenance techs will check on the fuel levels and see if the fuel has gone stale. For natural gas furnaces, they’ll check the fuel lines and fuel pressure. Most furnaces will undergo a similar series of checks and adjustments: the technicians will lubricate the motors, check for leaks, and check the air-intake filters. They’ll look over important electrical components like the batteries and spark plugs to see if there’s corrosion or blockage. They’ll test the generator once the other steps are finished and measure the amperage to see that it can do the job it’s supposed to.

We’re here to help your generator help you

We offer generator maintenance in Amherst, NY that’s the same high-quality service as all the other jobs we perform. Get in touch with us to find out more about our generator services and how we can help protect your family from power outages around the year.

Scherer Electric Is Western New York’s Favorite Electrician! Reach out to us today to schedule generator maintenance if you haven’t already.

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