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The 5 Best Tips to Lower Your Electrical Costs


Do my electric bills have to be that high?

If you find you’re asking yourself that question month after month when the utility bills arrive, then the answer is probably no. Unless the cost for electricity has taken a steep rise in your area, extremely high electrical utility bills are often warning you of wasteful practices or a malfunctioning part of the electrical system. You can take steps to correct this problem. Some are simply tips, while others will require the assistance of East Aurora, NY electricians.

Below we’ve listed the five best tips for cutting into the high cost of powering your home.

#1. Avoid peak usage periods

Peak usage periods are times when electricity costs more. The peak usage for your house depends on the utility company and sometimes the season, so we recommend contacting your local utility company to learn more.

Shift your use of high-powered appliances to different times: dishwashers and laundry machines are the two major culprits for electricity drain during peak periods.

#2. Replace old appliances with ENERGY STAR-approved ones

It may seem cost-effective to keep an old appliance around as long as possible rather than to pay to replace it. But these old appliances are often highly inefficient and drain much more electricity than newer models.

That old refrigerator you have may be costing you much more than it’s worth to keep around! When you replace these appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR label for a new unit. This means the appliance is approved as energy efficient by the US Department of Energy.

#3. Replace old switches with dimmer switches

You don’t need to have your lights raised all the way all the time—so why not replace the standard light switches with dimmer switches so you only need to expend the amount of energy powering the lights as you need? Our electricians can outfit your home for reduced wattage with these switches.

#4. Kill “vampire energy loads” by unplugging unused items

Yes, you may have a vampire in your home—an electricity vampire that drains power while doing nothing else for you. These are devices that continue to consume power as long as they are plugged in, even if the device is turned off.

This includes phone chargers and coffee makers and various home entertainment systems (video game consoles, Blu-ray players, etc.). Using smart power strips can help reduce the damage from these energy vampires, but the best method to cut into this waste is to unplug items when you aren’t using them.

#5. Schedule an electrical audit

The problems with your electrical bills may come from problems with the electrical system itself that require repairs and upgrades, such as installing a new electrical panel.

To find out what improvements to make, schedule an electrical audit with our electricians. They can find areas where your home can make better use of electricity and places where repairs will not only help with energy use, but can head off safety hazards.

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