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Why a Whole-House Generator Is the Best Generator Option


Are you looking to get a generator as an electrical back-up in your house in case of a power outage? Good plan. In Western New York we don’t only suffer from blackouts during stormy seasons. The heat of summer puts immense strain on the power grid because of air conditioning systems, and this can lead to widespread power failures that trap people without cooling during the hottest times of the year.

But if the generator you’re considering is a small portable unit, we want to steer you a different direction and draw your attention to a whole-house generator in Buffalo, NY. We strongly advise consumers to use these generators if they want to help out with residential power outages. They are a bigger investment than a portable generator, but they’re also more beneficial long-term solutions—and you’ll be glad to have one when the time comes.

Why the Whole-House Generator Is the Better Choice

Portable generators do have a purpose: they are excellent for camping and for storing in the car for long trips. But they aren’t advisable for powering an entire home during a blackout. Here is why we recommend arranging for a whole-house generator installation:

  • Permanent solution: A whole-house generator is a true installation. It’s a permanent installation placed on a stone slab on your property near your house. You can expect more than a decade of service from it without worries (provided you have it maintained regularly).
  • More powerful: As long as the whole-house generator is sized by professionals, it can supply the full level of voltage you need to power all the appliances you require during a power outage. Lights, HVAC system, television, videogame console, the fridge, and vital medical equipment. Portable generators have limits.
  • Longer service: A whole-house generator can supply you with power for days at a time. If the generator uses natural gas from a municipal source, there’s no limit to how long the generator can continue to power your home. But even propane-powered whole-house generators can last for days.
  • More fuel options: You can’t run a portable generator on natural gas; it needs diesel or propane. If your house has a natural gas line, you can power your whole-house generator with it, which means unlimited fuel and lowers costs to operate.
  • Convenient: When the power goes out, you have to roll out a portable generator and take the time to connect it to the electrical panel. With a whole-house generator, it’s ready to go. In fact, automatic models will turn themselves on as soon as they detect a power outage.
  • Safe: A whole-house generator is outside your house, so there is no danger from toxic exhaust as it runs. A portable generator, however, is inside your house …
  • Quieter: Portable generators make more racket than whole-house generators. Not only are whole-house generators quieter, but they’re also outdoors.

We hoped we’ve convinced you to go with a whole-house generator. Call us if you want more details. We can answer any of your questions and schedule service.

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