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What to Do in a Power Outage


We often talk about the importance of installing whole-house generators. There’s no better way to avoid the serious problems of an extended loss of power to your home than having a permanent backup generator to take over. With enough fuel (easy if your generator runs on natural gas), you can make it through many days without trouble keeping your family safe, your HVAC system running, your refrigerator working, and any vital medical equipment powered. 

But you may not have a generator (at least, not yet), and we have some recommendations on what to do in case your home suffers from an extended power outage.

Unplug most appliances

You want to prevent any power surge when the power comes back on from damaging valuable appliances or even causing fires. We recommend keeping at least one small lamp plugged in to show you when power is restored. Only shut off your utilities (such as gas and water) if you’ve received instructions from local officials to do so or you suspect there’s damage.

Use flashlights, not candles

We know people think of candles as a go-to when the power goes out, but they can turn into a major safety hazard and don’t give off much light. Flashlights and lamps are better, and you can also purchase lithium battery-powered lights (which often have the shape of candles) as emergency backups. 

Keep food cold

Your refrigerator and freezer can maintain decent cold temperatures without letting food spoil for several hours without power—as long as you don’t open the door often to allow heat to get in. Be sparing with getting food from the refrigerator and eat perishables first. If you have doubts about anything that’s spoiled, throw it out.

Maintain power to your phone

Now is not the time to entertain yourself by using the apps on your phone. Your smartphone is an important lifeline to alerts as well as to people you may need to contact if other emergencies arises, so only use your phone when you absolutely need to. A battery-powered phone charger is also immensely helpful.

Figure out where to go in an emergency

If you have people in your house who rely on powered medical equipment or it becomes too hot or too cold to stay in your house, have a back-up for where to temporarily locate that does have power. This can be a friend’s or relative’s home, or a community center offering emergency assistance.

DON’T use a portable generator in your garage

This is another important reminder of why whole-house generators are so helpful. Portable generators are not only inconvenient and poor for long-term outages, they can also be dangerous because of the toxic exhaust they give off. You don’t want it in your house, but even an attached garage is not safe from generating dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

We hope this helps if you have a major power outage—but we’d like to help you before an outage strikes by installing a whole-house generator in Buffalo, NY. We work with the best brands and models, and we can locate the ideal generator to power your house through the worst power losses.

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